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You can browse various catalogues, like the famousMessier, NGC/IC, and also Arp, Abell, red stars, asterisms; create your own printable session plan, add your notes, get a preview of the selected celestial objects, suggestions customized on your instruments, and many other features.

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  • Catalogues: added Hickson's Compact groups of Galaxies.
  • Instruments: support for eyepieces and focal reducers/barlow lenses, with field of view markers on DSS images.
  • Improved filters: better interface for magnitude and altitude filters, and added filters by transit time and angular size
  • Negative colours image working on all browsers
  • Share planned sessions, just like reports
  • Sort objects both by magnitude and observable time in suggested objects page
  • Expand/collapse all objects in a table (suggested objects, session objects)
  • Improved notifications system
  • Added dark nebulae catalogue(Barnard)
  • Improved observation session usability: now it's easier to manage objects, and sorting is more rational.
  • Improved past observation sessions handling, you can now set an object as observed, and write a report about your observation.
  • Dedicated page for observation reports of past sessions, with both single objects report, and a global session report editable with a toolbar button..
  • Shareable reports, with another toolbar button. You can share your reports even with not registered users.
  • Improved filters interface, and added three more filters, by maximum magnitude, by maximum altitude, and by observation status (observed/not observed).

42425 objects.
Included catalogues
  • Messier
  • NGC
  • IC
  • Arp
  • Caldwell
  • Abell
  • MCG
  • UGC
  • Hickson's Compact groups of Galaxies
  • Shakhbazian
  • Barnard's Catalogue of Dark Objects
  • Saguaro Astronomy Club Asterisms
  • Saguaro Astronomy Club Red Stars